Can I do the level test on Skype?

Yes, we have Skype avaliable.

Can I pay separately or is it just one single payment?

If you’re going to attend for a month and you want to take advantage of our offers, we normally ask for a single payment.

How do you get to the school?

It’s very easy in Barcelona, we’re less than 3 minutes walk from the Lesseps metro station (L3, green).

You can also arrive via the FFGC ferrocarriles, line 7, Pádua station.

Or with many different buses like the number 74 which passes in front of the school, or the number 27 which will drop you at Lesseps.

How do I register for a Spanish Course?

You need to come and visit us in Barcelona and take a quick Spanish "level test" so we know what class is best suited to you.

In Catalunya they speak two languages. Will this be a problem?

In day-to-day life you won’t have problems because in Barcelona everyone speaks Spanish.

How long does the level test take? Is it obligatory?

The level test is very short and it is obligatory so we can evaluate your level of Spanish before you join a course.  It’ll take around half an hour.

It has two parts, one written and the other oral with a teacher.

If I’m an ex-student, can I attend some of your excursions?

Certainly! Sign up on our Facebook page if you want to receive information about these outings or click here.

Can I do the level test on Skype?

Yes, we have Skype avaliable.

Can I pay with credit card?

Unfortunately we cannot currently accept credit cards.

How much do the courses cost?

Here are the prices of our courses!

Do I pay for the classes all at once, or separately?

If you wish to benefit from our special offers, you have to pay all at once.

Where can I live in Barcelona?

We have different possibilities for your stay here

Do you offer a personalised group service?

If you need classes for specific groups in DIME, we can do it. 

Contact us for further information

Calle Berna 5 - 7 bjs
08006 Barcelona
+34 93 217 8137

The Dime Reception is open from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Later visits are possible by agreement. 

About Dime, honestly one of the best language school I have ever attend. Laid back, fun and very effective in same time. Highly recommend to anyone who want to learn Spanish is pleasant atmosphere 

Anka Kun

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