Festa Major de Gràcia virtual 2020

The festival “Festa Major de Gràcia” is one of the most famous and crowded in Barcelona during the summer. It’s well-known for the street decorations and the magnificent hand-made figures as well as for its many live concerts and activities which last for about a week. This year it takes place between the 15th and the 21st of August.

This year, exceptionally, there won’t be a decoration competition and access to the ornamented streets is limited in order to avoid crowds. There are decorations only on the balconies and at a certain height but the organization has launched an app where you can find a 360° view of all the streets not only of this year, but also of as far as 2016!

Although the events are only accessible to the residents of the Gràcia neighborhood, the festival has adapted to the current exceptional situation by offering many concerts, theatre and art exhibitions online on streaming. You can find a list of the live and recorded events of the festival on their app.

The app is only in Catalan but it’s very easy and intuitive, so finding the 360° street views and the events list won’t be a problem at all! You can download the app for Android here and for iOS here, and you’ll find the latest updates on the festival’s facebook page.

Don’t miss the “Festa Major de Gràcia 2020”!


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Fonts: https://www.festamajordegracia.cat/

Festa Major Gràcia 2020 1 BarcelonaFesta Major Gràcia 2020 2 BarcelonaFesta Major Gràcia 2020 3 Barcelona
Festa Major Gràcia 2020 4 Barcelona

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