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nochevieja feliz año nuevo

2020 is finally coming to an end and despite this year’s restrictions, the most representative elements of New Year’s celebration in Spain will be present tonight to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021. “Nochevieja” (New Year’s Eve) is usually a celebration with family and friends. It’s an occasion to dress up, and tradition says …

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Nochebuena y Navidad

Navidad Christmas Spain

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays in Spain, alongside Easter, and it marks the beginning of a two-week winter break. It’s a widespread tradition celebrated by both religious and non-religious families and, even though some aspects may vary throughout the country, here’s what most Spanish people do on those days: December 22nd: The national …

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Halloween in Spain: Todos los santos

Halloween is around the corner! Even though this celebration is now integrated into the Spanish calendar, it’s certainly not a traditional Spanish festivity. However, shops decorate and make special offers and both children and adults enjoy dressing up and throwing parties at a perfect time between the beginning of the school year and Christmas. The …

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Los horarios en España

Many Spanish people claim that “Spain is different”, and it is many ways a particular country. What seems to stand out the most to foreign visitors is that, in Spain everything happens later than in other countries. To begin with, school and work hours hardly ever start before 9 am, so you’ll find a lot …

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Cultural Christmas traditions in Spain

Christmas lottery

Los días más importantes en las Navidades en España: The Most Important Days of Christmas in Spain CAGA TIÓ – más o menos entre el 8 de diciembre y  Navidad. CAGA TIÓ - from around  December 8yh and Christmas Day Tradición solo en Cataluña, donde se “alimenta”  y se le cubre con una manta a un …

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