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La primavera en español

It’s that time of the year again! Who’s loving this season so far? Let’s learn some vocabulary to talk about spring in Spanish. Download the infographic here We have prepared some vocabulary exercises so that you can practice Spanish in a fun way. Click the button below to find them on Quizlet. You can join our study group on Quizlet …

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How to follow the Dime blog

follow Dime Feedly

Did you know that we create content in our blog every week? You can check our weekly posts in our social media channels, but today we present you with a tool you can use to follow our blog and any other feeds you’re interested in, all in one place: Feedly. Feedly is a news aggregator, …

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Expresar continuidad en español

expresar continuidad español

It’s been almost a year since many things changed due to the pandemic. However, some may have remained the same, whether it’s a morning yoga routine or walking the dog. Today we’ll learn how to express continuity in Spanish. Seguir + gerund Continuar + gerund The verbs “seguir” and “continuar” have a meaning in common, …

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Propósitos de año nuevo

propósitos año nuevo

January is almost over, which means that some of you may have already set some new year’s resolutions for 2021. Spanish people do so too, usually on topics like sport, saving money or taking up a new hobby. Let’s see how we can express new year’s resolutions in Spanish!   Me gustaría + infinitivo Is …

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Catalan and Spanish

Spanish Catalan

Our school is located in Barcelona, a great destination to study Spanish. However, if you are an expat living in Barcelona already, or if you’re moving soon, you should bear in mind that Spanish is not the only languagespoken in this area: there is Catalan, too.Catalan and Spanish are quite similar regarding vocabulary, so even …

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