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Por vs Para

Spanish por vs para

Among the Spanish grammar topics with which students struggle the most, probably the difference between por and para would be in the top 3. We’ve created this infographic with the uses of por and para, we hope you find it useful! You can download it here. Have you ever doubted between por and para when speaking Spanish? Let us …

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Why study Spanish online before moving?

Are you moving to Spain or to a Spanish speaking country in the future? We know it requires many arrangements but there is one thing your plan should definitely include: learning some Spanish before moving. Here’s why: When you arrive in Spain, you’ll probably be busy enough settling down. If Spanish won’t be a priority …

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Cambios en la rutina

cambios en la rutina Spanish

This year is definitely a peculiar one, so our lives and routines are changing a lot. Here are some expressions in Spanish you can use to talk about changes in habits or habitual situations, whether they are in the past, present or future.  Empezar a + infinitive: it means to start doing something or to …

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Reservar una mesa

reservar mesa restaurante Spanish

Speaking Spanish on the phone can be a challenge for Spanish learners, but it’s also the only way to book a table in most restaurants in Spain. So, if you live in a Spanish speaking country and you’d like to go out for dinner, this is for you!  When the restaurant picks up the phone, …

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¡Qué calor!

demasiado calor Spanish

Summers can be very hot in Spain, so in Spanish there are many expressions related to heat which are used on a daily basis during this time of the year. Some of them are based on the word “calor”. calor vs hot “Calor” is a noun and it literally means “heat”. Despite being a noun …

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