Spanish and Catalan classes for kids and teenagers

Enroll your kids in our dynamic courses where they learn Spanish or Catalan in a fun and entertaining way.

Spanish and catalan lessons for kids

Our courses of Spanish and Catalan are normally after school and it could be in Dime or at home, you choose. In the course they have to do a test in order to know exactly their knowledge about language and what should be done in the course according to school needs.

Courses for children and teenagers in Dime are aimed at those who wish to improve their Spanish – Catalan or learn it from scratch. We organise small groups by language and age levels, as well as private classes. Classes will use role-playing, games and audiovisual course material appropriate to the age and language levels.

spanish vocabualry


We have a group of motivated and highly-experienced teachers specialising in youth.


Classes can take place in DIME offices or at home.


Soon your kids begin to notice improvement in Spanish or Catalan in an easy and enjoyable way of learning.


Prices are for one or two students.


Classes for kids Duration Time Prices Savings
In Dime 1 hora To be agreed 1 hour 32 €
10 hours 280 € 40 €
20 hours 540 € 100 €
1 hour To be agreed 1 hour 38 €
10 hours 340 € 40
20 hours 646 € 114 €
1.5 hours
(90 minutes)
To be agreed 1 hour 55 €
10 hours 495 € 55 €
20 hours 960 € 140 €


Consult us in info@dimebarcelona.com for prices for groups (more than 3 children).


Do not hesitate and contact us!!!

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  1. Emma Scott escribió:


    We are moving to Barcelona in July and I would like to arrange Catalan lessons for my son,who is 8, to help him settle into school.


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