Business Spanish in Barcelona

Probably if you are working and living in Barcelona you need to talk Spanish in your work. In Dime we have special lessons directly aimed to your work necessities. Maybe you need to understand technical vocabulary, learn how to make a presentation in Spanish, how to write an e-mail or a professional letter, or how to talk on the phone. We are professionals teaching and we know business claims. Our classes can teach you these and help give you confidence in your daily use of Spanish.


This special lessons could be one-to-one or in small groups. Also could be in at your office or in our school. We cover all levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.) and our schedule is flexible. You will see how fast and efficient your Spanish will improve.
Here you have the prices
Private Classes (one or two persons) Duration Time Prices Savings
In Dime 1 hour To be agreed 1 hour 30 €
10 hours 260 € 40 €
20 hours 500 € 100 €
1 hour To be agreed 1 hour 38 €
10 hours 340 € 40 €
20 hours 646 € 114 €
1.5 hours
(90 minutes)
To be agreed 1 hour 55 €
10 hours 495 € 55 €
20 hours 960 € 140 €

We don’t have registration fees.

Moreover, you have group prices



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If you need professionals in teaching Spanish, write to us: info@dimebarcelona.com

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