Saturday morning: Spanish courses in Barcelona

Do you live in Barcelona and you don’t have any time during the weekdays to study Spanish? This is the course for you! We are going to start a Spanish courses on Saturdays morning. These courses are ideal for all people who are working or studying in Barcelona and don’t have any time available to practice their Spanish during the weekdays. The course will be three hours every Saturday. Our lessons are dynamic and we follow the communicative method, that is, from the very beginning you will understand, read, write and above all speak in Spanish. The first group we open will be for beginners. If there are other students of other level interested, we’ll open new groups of intermediate an advance.


Here you have the details of the course:

Timetable: 10:00am to 13:00am

Level: beginner (it could be also intermediate and advance)

Price: 115€ for one month (4 Saturdays)


Starting dates: 

The first Saturday of every month

¡Let’s start learning Spanish with DIME!

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  1. Zen Anchors escribió:


    We came for a level test to Dime with Christina, and we would like to start a Saturday course in October if possible. If you have no groups for level A2, could you provide us with a price per month?


    Zen Anchors.

  2. Shelly Pinner escribió:

    Hi, I would be interested in joining this class. I would say I am beginner / elementary. Please can you send me more details.


    1. Zen Anchors escribió:

      Hi Shelley,

      Could you send me an email on zen.anchors@ntlworld.com? Maybe we could chat about setting up a Saturday morning class? At the moment myself and my partner are looking to start an A2 class each Saturday for 3 hours.



      1. dimebarcelona escribió:

        Hola!! our mail is info@dimebarcelona.com

        Thanks for your interest,


  3. Cosmin escribió:

    hace algunos meses he intendado hacer un curso de castellano pero por falta de tiempo no podia. como el curso de sabado me interesa mucho, quiero saber si hay una grupa tambien para mi a partir del marzo.
    muchas gracias,

    1. dimebarcelona escribió:

      Hola, no podemos ver tu mensaje completo. POr favor, escribe a infor@dimebarcelona.com para más información

  4. Eva Hammersmidt escribió:

    Hi, I’m interested to join the classes. I wonder if the next course will start in 3rd May? I would like to join intermediate level if it’s possible.

    I’m looking forward to your answer!

    Best regards,

    Eva Hammersmidt

    1. dimebarcelona escribió:

      Eva, could you write to info@dimebarcelona.com. We have different courses starting on May. But it’s better if you communicate by our mail.

  5. Jo Ann escribió:

    Hello I’m interested to join this classes but it’s possible to start by October? Please email me and I’m looking forward to hear your answer thank you

  6. Christopher Newport escribió:

    I would like to register for Spanish class on Saturday mornings in April

  7. Gautam Awasthi escribió:

    I am a beginner and would be interested in the Saturday only classes.
    Please let me know how can I enroll and Join.
    Gautam Awasthi

    1. dimebarcelona escribió:

      Dear Gautam,
      I’m Cristina Mola, the secretary of Dime Escuela. Thanks for your message.
      Actually have different courses on Saturday and we will start more courses in May.
      To see which group is the best for you, you have to do a level test before enrolling. We can organize a skype interview before starting the course or we can arrange an appointment to take the test in the school.
      If you are beginner you can join the next beginner group.
      It will start on May 7th.
      The price for 4 weeks is 115€ plus 20€ of the book.
      The timetable is from 10.00 to 13.00.
      If you are interested in this course, you can book your spot in the group by paying 50€. You can come to Dime and pay by cash (in this case we can arrange an appointment for next week) or you can do a wire transfer. Please let us know what you prefer. It is not possible to pay by card or credit card.

      Best regards,

      Cristina Mola
      Secretaria Dime Escuela
      +34 93 217 8137
      facebook/ dime barcelona
      skype/ dimebarcelona

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