Dime Spanish School Activity – Barceloneta Tour

Last Friday we organized a nice excursion to Barceloneta district, in which participated some of he teachers of the school and their Spanish students. Jorge explained a little bit about the history and the creation of this peculiar area of the city. We visited the new museum “La Casa de la Barceloneta” where we leart a a little bit more about the evolution of the buildings of this sailor man neighborhood.

After the tour we stopped at Santa Marta Bar to take a drink. A lot of students from different Spanish courses took part in the event. Besides some ex-students of the school came to see us and it was a very big surprise to see them. All of them met new people and practiced their Spanish.

We spent a very nice evening. We collected some images and prepared a little video so you can have an idea of the event.

You can also find more pictures of the event in our facebook page.

See you in the next activities!!

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