Gente Dime – Our Spanish students in Barcelona



Dime is more than a Spanish Academy. It is a community of people who chose Barcelona as their home and Dime as their School. Our students are different and creative and they all have amazing stories to tell. In this section of Dime Barcelona Blog we are going to discover who they are and how they ended up being part of our Dime community.

GENTE DIME: Charlie 
Charlie @charlielemmer is from London (UK) and she arrived to Barcelona 2 and a half years ago.
She always had many friends in Barcelona and had a nice connection with the city. Also Brexit influenced her decision to move here.
She has an interiorist and property company and she is also a health coach and nutritionist. Her favourite working places in Barcelona are @margothousebarcelona and @cococoffice.

She loves walking down Rambla Cataluña in the afternoon and have a drink in one of its terraces.
She is learning Spanish because she thinks it is important to do so if you live in Barcelona. She is now taking private lessons in Dime and what she likes the most about the school is the personal attention we give to all our students.



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