Gente Dime – Our Spanish students in Barcelona – Neil


Dime is more than a Spanish Academy. It is a community of people who chose Barcelona as their home and Dime as their School. Our students are different and creative and they all have amazing stories to tell. In this section of Dime Barcelona Blog we are going to discover who they are and how they ended up being part of our Dime community.


Neil is from Nottingham, London (Inglaterra) and he had his first contact with Barcelona 5 years ago. He used to work in a drilling platform in Malaysia and Abu Dhabi for several months and travel to Barcelona in his free time. He is now recovering from a surgery and he have been living in the city continuously for one year, dedicating himself to study Spanish. He loves living in Spain and travel through the country.

He thinks that Barcelona is a very nice city and a perfect basis from which you can travel and reach easily different countries. What he likes the most in Barcelona is the Poblenou neighbourhood, the beach and the bars. He also like very much the Natural Park  of the Garraf.

Neil started studying Spanish in Guatemala and he is now continuing his studies in Dime Barcelona. He attended group lessons and he is currently taking private lessons. He loves the people and the teachers in the school and he thinks that you can easily fit in our groups.

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