Gente Dime – Our Spanish students in Barcelona – Sue

Dime is more than a Spanish Academy. It is a community of people who chose Barcelona as their home and Dime as their School. Our students are different and creative and they all have amazing stories to tell. In this section of Dime Barcelona Blog we are going to discover who they are and how they ended up being part of our Dime community.

Sue is from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina – EEUU) and she arrived to Barcelona 5 months ago. Sue and her husband moved here for retirement. This is not their first time in the city. They lived in the city for one year and a half about 8 years ago because of her husband’s work. They enjoyed so much the experience that they decided to come back as soon as they could.

Sue is the president of the International Women’s Club Barcelona. The IWCB is an English-speaking association for dynamic international women who would like to make new friends and discover the vibrancy of life in Catalonia. Each month they organise a wide variety of events such as weekly coffee mornings, monthly walks, line dancing and a lot more. Women from different nationalities participate to the events and collaborate voluntarily with the association.

She is now living in Gracia and she really loves the neighborhood, especially its squares. “Las plazas de Gracia” are the heart of the quarter and the place where people meet and chat.

Sue is studying Spanish to communicate and to be social. She is now attending an extensive morning course and she is finishing A2 level. What she likes the most about the school is that Dime is a friendly and familiar school, with reduced size class that allow you to learn quickly in a nice environment.

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