Eatwith in Barcelona

This time we want to talk about EatWith, a community that is revolutionizing the way you eat, integrate into a new culture and practice languages ​​just the philosophy that we have in Dime: language + culture

Eatwith offers the possibility to enjoy a dining experience with local hosts. An EatWith experience means having access to the hosts’ house and getting an authentic local perspective in Barcelona. This is a great opportunity for those people who want to experience the culinary traditions from the places they visit.

How does EatWith work? You have to sign up into the web www.eatwith.com and choose your favourite event host and book online.  You can filter by price, type of cuisine, city, date or language. There are so many interesting Spanish profiles that allow you to experience a paella workshop; cooking class after visiting Boquería Market; Spanish wine and cheese tasting, and others activities like live music while wine tasting, tasting chocolate or picnics outside. You can chose by affinity with the host profile: families with children, young couples, young people and different type of house as well (loft, apartment, masías…)







Dime Barcelona suggests two great Summer activities with Spanish people.

2nd August EatWith Leo, a young Andalusian who loves food and travel.

19th August during Fiestas de Gracia, EatWith Carles, a Catalan sommelier who teaches you about wine in a very funny way.

Connect with amazing hosts, practice your Spanish, share stories and unforgettable experiences, and enjoy delicious homemade cuisine. EatWith offers you more than 100 different experiences in Barcelona.

For further information here




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