Cultural lesson for all levels: Sant Joan

Sant Joan, one of the biggest celebration in Barcelona, is here!!

To celebrate it and to let our Spanish Students to know a bit more about it we organized a free cultural lessons for all levels. In these one hour lessons Laura and Montse, two of the teacher of Dime School, explained many curiositues about this festival. The students learned about the fireworks in Cataluña, the magic and fascinating tradition of the “Queimada” in Galicia, the bonfires in Alicante, the incredible “Jaleo” in Ciudadella (Menorca), the bravery of the citizens in Soria who walk on embers, the magical witches’ reunion in the “Cueva de Zugarramurdi” in the Bask Country.

The students also told us about Sant Joan tradition in their country. June solstice and the arrival of the summer is celebrates in many different  and interesting ways around the world.

We hope you will enjoy the celebration this year. If you are in Barcelona don’t forget to eat Coca and drink some Cava to wellcome the most beautiful season of the year.

¡¡Happy Sant Joan!!





More information about Barcelona’s events here

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