Free class of Art Therapy for our students: emotions and Spanish

Every week in our Spanish school for foreigners we realise an extra activity for students to learn some aspect of Spanish culture. Last week we organized a very special activity which was held by our teacher Ester. The class was about “Art Therapy: emotions and Spanish”.
It was aimed at students for all levels and was attended by many from different groups. In class firstly Ester explained vocabulary about emotions and we learnt how to  express happiness, joy, sadness, anxiety and many ranges of human feelings. After that, we painted the shape of our bodies in big white papers on the floor and then each student decorated his own shape with pencils, colours and newspaper clippings. It was extremely interesting to see how people perceive emotions and how different are the visions we have of ourselves. Every student shared their comments and thought about their drawing. You can see the beautiful results in the pictures.

The students had fun and learned a bit more about emotions and about themselves.

See you in the next school activity!





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