Spanish courses: extra-curricular activities

We offer you extra-curricular activities you would enjoy and complete your Spanish courses in Barcelona, so you can get more “in-depth” knowledge about Spanish culture and the city in which you live.

We organize various excursions to neighborhoods or places of interest in or around Barcelona: walks where you can discover the best plazas and hidden corners of this lovely city, classes outside the school to interact with people on the street, with shopkeepers, with all the everyday situations, culture classes where we explain aspects of Spanish culture that will interest you – like colloquial or “street” Spanish, Spanish music, history, tips for living in this country – and anything else that might occur to you. And much more…

Here you have some examples about our Spanish activities:

Spanish slang

spanish slang











History about Spain












Curiosities about Barcelona





Spanish art






Gracia neighborhood


Gracia neighborhood










Vine tasting









La Feria de Abril in Barcelona (Barcelona’s flamenco- Seville Festival)




Secrets of Gothic quarter








Museum about City History

barcelona museum











Open Cinema in Montjuïc











Gracia’s Festival










and our now famous “Vermouth Meeting” where you could taste “vermut” and also practice your Spanish.

Vermouth in Barcelona


If you need to learn Spanish in the coziest Spanish school in Barcelona come to us. Write to: info@dimebarcelona.es


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