Cinema in Barcelona: Sala Montjuïc

Now we have all the information about one of the best activities every summer since 2002.

Do you like cinema? Do you like music? Do you like having a picnic? And what about being in open air while doing all this? Then you are going to enjoy this july with Sala Montjuïc.


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Juny 30th till August 7th, a fantastic collection of cinema will be shown.  There’s Spanish cinema (Blancanieves: one off our best and unusuall Spanish films of the last year) as well as international and some cinema’s classics like West Side Story (wonderful oportunity of watching mythical cinema in a big screen). Last film is always a surprise. Here you have all the programme!

Here’s how to enjoy this: You arrive to MontjuÏc Castle and after a queue you obtain the tickets. We recommend you to go early because it is usually very crowded (also you can buy them before through the web) and enter in the patio. There you can rent a “hamaca“ in order to be more confortable. Go down to the grass area and put your tablecloth and prepare your picnic. Then starts the music: jazz, bossa nova, cuban music, flamenco,…….. and after the main course: the film.

Every year between students we choose a film of the programme and we go together. Join us in our summer courses and come with Dime to Sala Montjuïc!!

Here’s how we enjoyed last year:

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