How to be Spanish for a while

To be ‘Spanish’, you have to do things that a real Spaniard would do. This little guide shows you how:

1) Eat Spanish food (not only tapas) Menú del día (normally three-course meal, drink, coffee and dessert from between 8-12 Euros) and try  traditional food  like “lentejas”…. you don’t spend a lot of money .  

2) Or even better, do your shopping in a traditional market. For example in our neighborhood, Gràcia, we have a really nice market  “Albaceria” . You can buy everything: vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, egg, all fresh and talk with the lovely shoopkeepers.











3) Drink during your lunch or dinner a glass of Spanish wine, but only one :P P Catalan wine (Penedés), Rioja or Ribera del Duero

You can check this web side: Decántalo











4) Have a coffee in the morning or in the afternoon in a traditional coffee shop (not Startbuck please). Don’t ever ask for a “café con leche” after your lunch, “un solo” or “cortado” otherwise you won’t be a real Spanish guy.











5) Take a siesta if you have time. Dali’s siesta way could be the perfect nap.











6) Walk, only for the pleasure of walking. Barcelona is wonderful for doing this Spanish activity.











7) Use public transport. Don’t think about your car. This city has a fantastic metro system, also the bus and tram.










8 ) Minimum once a week wait in a queue. It could be waiting for buying the bread or waiting to enter an exhibition. You can have a really nice chat with a completely unknown person.




9) After work or study drink a beer in a bar or terrace with your friends.




10) Go out minimum one a week and dance.










11) Sunday morning take a vermut to recover from your “hangover” :) )) La Barceloneta is perfect for this activity.



12) And talk in Spanish all day. You could start or improve your Spanish in the coziest Spanish school in Barcelona: Dime Escuela


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