Why you should live in Barcelona


A perfect life in a perfect city. A place where you could have the beach and the mountains, with sweet weather all year. A dynamic place , the most european city in Spain, where you could find the most fashionables sites living among the catalan traditions in a perfect balance.  It doesn’t matter who you are or how you dress or where you are from, you are welcome. :) )






All the metropolis is fantastic: Eixample, Gotic, Gràcia,..You can walk around for years and still find a building, a little corner, a perfect shop that makes you deeper in love with Barcelona.

Gaudi and another amazing architects of modernism (modern-art) buildt the city and without realizing it made a great open air museum.

Picasso arrived here when he was 13 years old and in Barcelona he had his first studio, where he made his first etching, the first picture and his first exhibition, in “Els Quatre Cats”.  He said:  ”Allí es donde comenzó todo. Allí es donde comprendí hasta dónde podía llegar” (That’s where it all started. There is where I understood how far I could get “)

The most famous Barcelona’s street, Las Ramblas, is like in NY, this street never sleeps. Mimic, flowers, painters, night people, day people, historical buildings (hotel Continental where George Orwell spent some of his days in the Spanish Civil War), theatres and lots of curiosities.






At the end of  Las Ramblas is Plaça Catalunya a big lively square that is the center of everything.

In Barcelona you can live the night life or day life. You decide!!






Mediterranean food is everywhere. The tradition of buying your food in markets is wonderfull,  it makes your day healthy and yummy!!

And  the city also has a lot of secrets…….







and……el Barça :) )



Of course, you can learn Spanish, one of the most important languages in the world, in the coziest school in city.  Come to know us!


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