3 tips to learn Spanish online

3 tips to study spanish online

Studying Spanish online for the first time might be confusing, so we bring you 3 tips to make the most of your Spanish online course!

1.    Have your online learning setup ready. Before class, open a window with your favorite online Spanish dictionary to quickly look up words during class. Open another with a text editor for your class notes and ready a screenshot tool to capture visual explanations and material shared on screen (Snipping tool for Windows, Grab for Mac).

2.    Keep track of the class structure and activities. Outline the class sections and take notes under each activity in order to remember and easily visualize what you did in class. Making a written copy of your digital notes is a good way to review what you learned. If your class notes are handwritten, you can digitalize them using apps such as Google Lens.

3.    Make your listening time matter and stay active in class. While you are not being asked to participate in a task, listen actively to your classmates. Write down any interesting Spanish language they use and listen carefully to identify any possible errors you can look up later. Think of what your answer to the questions would be and observe the group’s and teacher’s reactions to check how much you understood. 

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Spanish is online with Dime!

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