Bookcrossing in our Spanish school in Barcelona

We discover Bookcrossing-Spain  in Barcelona a long time ago and we liked it very much.








BookCrossing or BC (pronounced BECE) is the practice of leaving books in public places to be picked up other readers, who will hopefully do the same.  The idea is to free books “into the wild” to be found and read by others.

If you decide to leave a book via BookCrossing, you need to register for a BCID (BookCrossing ID number) which identifies this particular copy in the system database. You then write the ID  inside of the book’s cover, or on a label that requests the finder to go to the BookCrossing website and write a little note to report the finding , and finally release the book again once it is finished.  Some books have travelled all over the world!

In Dime we decided to be part of this, our bookbox has a dozen books now and growing…



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