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Dime Spanish Study Group

Learning Spanish can be challenging and sometimes it’s complicated to keep it fun and engaging. There are many apps you can use to learn a language, but most of them follow a strict path and include a lot of language which is not actually used in daily conversations in Spanish.

At Dime we believe technology should help you learn the Spanish you need, so here’s an app you can customize to fit your Spanish language learning needs: Quizlet.

It’s based on flashcards, but it isn’t just about flipping and repeating. Once you’ve created a card set, it creates several games and activities for you to learn and review vocabulary and expressions in a fun way. You can also set up your own study reminders and web/app notifications.

So, we’ve started the Dime Spanish Study Group, where we will periodically upload card sets you can export, customize and add to your account. To access the cards,  create a free account at https://quizlet.com/  . In order to get notifications every time we upload a new card set, request access to the study group here https://quizlet.com/join/Ut8pcUJRr .

Here’s a short tutorial about how to get the card sets, customize them and add them to your accounthttps://youtu.be/4ZpEGekDleo

  • If you wish to create a copy of the original set just as it is (no customization), click on the “+” button under the set and choose a folder to save it to.
  • If you wish to get your copy and edit the original set,  click on “customize” under the set.
  • You can change the name and the description of the set.
  • Delete, edit or add the cards you like. (manually at the end of the page, or import from a file at the top)
  • If you like, edit the visibility and editing permissions of the set.
  • Click “Create” and place the set in a folder (optional).
  • You’ll find your customized sets on the sidebar on the left, under “sets” (if you just clicked “create”) and also under “folders” (if you placed it in a folder).

Practice and review your Spanish with Dime in a fun way, anywhere, at any time. We have just uploaded a card set for Unit 9 of the Aula 1  classbook :)

Check out our Spanish face to face and online extensive and private courses with a free level test and no registration fees.

Spanish is online with Dime!

*tip: for the “Learn”, “Write” and “Spell” activities, we recommend you edit the options and activate the “one answer” to avoid correction issues with words which have more than one meaning.


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