Cambios en la rutina

cambios en la rutina Spanish

This year is definitely a peculiar one, so our lives and routines are changing a lot. Here are some expressions in Spanish you can use to talk about changes in habits or habitual situations, whether they are in the past, present or future.

  •  Empezar a + infinitive: it means to start doing something or to take up a hobby.

- He empezado a hacer yoga y me siento genial. I started doing yoga and I feel great.

- En octubre quiero empezar a ir al gimnasio. I want to start going to the gym in October.

  •  Seguir + gerund: use this to express that you continue doing something, that the habit or situation continues as it was.

- ¿Vas a seguir estudiando alemán? Will you continuestudying German?

- Sigo viviendo en Madrid, pero en otro barrio. I continue living (I still live) in Madrid, but in a different neighborhood

  •  Dejar de + infinitive: “dejar” has many meanings but in combination with “de” and a verb in the infinitive form it means to quit or stop doing something.

- Quiero dejar de fumar. I want to quit smoking.

- He dejado de comprar esta marca porque no era muy buena. I stopped buying this brand because it wasn’t very good.

  •  Ya no + present: slightly different from the previous one, it would translate as “not anymore” or “no longer” and it’s used in combination with the present tense.

- Ya no voy a clases de pintura. I’m not taking painting lessons anymore.

- Mis hijos ya no estudian francés. My children don’t study French anymore.


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What’s changing for you this year? Let us know in the comments!


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