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Spanish courses on Saturday morning in Barcelona

Learn Spanish Barcelona

Do you live in Barcelona and you don’t have any time during the weekdays to study Spanish? This is the course for you! We are going to start Spanish courses on Saturdays morning in February. These courses are ideal for all people who are working or studying in Barcelona and don’t have any time available to …

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Cultural Christmas traditions in Spain

Christmas lottery

Los días más importantes en las Navidades en España: The Most Important Days of Christmas in Spain CAGA TIÓ – más o menos entre el 8 de diciembre y  Navidad. CAGA TIÓ - from around  December 8yh and Christmas Day Tradición solo en Cataluña, donde se “alimenta”  y se le cubre con una manta a un …

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Spanish vocabulary and sentences for au pairs: kids

Barcelona au pais

                      Vocabulary: Mamá: Mummy-  (USA) Mommy Papá: Daddy hermano/a: brother-sister Abuelo/abuela: grandpa- grandma amigo/a- boy friend/ girl friend profesor/a- teacher libro- book libreta/cuaderno- notebook papel- paper lápiz- pencil boli (bolígrafo)- pen ordenador- computer deberes- homework escuela- school clase- class autobús/bus- bus       Verbs: …

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Saturday morning in Barcelona: Spanish lessons

Saturday morning Spanish lesson

Next Saturday , October 4th, we started a beginner (A1) and A2 groups from 10.00 to 13.00. If you are living in Barcelona and you don’t have time during the week days, this is the course for you! The Saturday course is ideal for all people who are working or studying in Barcelona and don’t have any …

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Spanish and Catalan classes for kids and teenagers

Spanish lessons for kids and teenagers

Enroll your kids in our dynamic courses where they learn Spanish or Catalan in a fun and entertaining way. Our courses of Spanish and Catalan are normally after school and it could be in Dime or at home, you choose. In the course they have to do a test in order to know exactly their knowledge …

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