Vermut in Barcelona for Students of Spanish

Vermut time is back at Dime. Discover one of the most tasty and refreshing rituals of Barcelona. Come and join us the next Friday, 18th September. In the evening teachers and students from different courses will go to Gràcia (the bohemian and cool neighborhood) to have a vermouth with olives. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people while practicing Spanish. You can bring your friends too! Ask your Spanish teacher for more information and sign up for free.

Teachers and students of Spanish enjoying vermut

What is vermut?

Vermut (vermouth) is an aromatized liquor,  spiced with over 50 different herbs, made from wine. You may know it because it’s the base of the Martini cocktail. It’s an aperitif, usually consumed before or dinner.

There are more than 25 brands of vermouth in Spain. Besides, many bars have their own  homemade version (vermut casero), which is often served directly from wooden casks.

Fancy a vermut?  Fuente: http://bcncoolhunter.com/

The origin

This drink was first sold in Italy in the 18th century.The word vermut comes from the German wermut, which means absinth, one of the herbs used in the production of vermouth.

Although vermut has always been a Catalan drinking, in recent years it has become very trendy, above all among young people.

A drink with a long history. Fuente: http://www.surtidosgallegos.com/

Tomar el vermut en Barcelona (do the vermouth)

Doing the vermouth, tomar el vermut, is a popular saying for this ritual of drinking vermouth and enjoying a light snack (olives, seafood, crisps or some other nibbles) while meeting up with friends for a chat. In Barcelona it happens around midday on holidays or at weekends. However, if someone suggests having a vermouth, it just means a drink and a snack before lunch, regardless of whether vermut is consumed.

The vermut ritual: drinks, snacks and friends. Fuente: http://miquel-zueras.blogspot.com.es/

Some places to try it

Since vermut in Barcelona is now in and trendy, there are lots of bars across the city where you can try it: El Xampanyet (El Born), Quimet i Quimet (Poble-sec), Casa Mariol (Sagrada Família) or Jai-ca (Barceloneta). Find more information here.

And REMEMBER! Next Friday 18th September, join Dime for a excursion to a vermut bar.

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