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How to follow the Dime blog

follow Dime Feedly

Did you know that we create content in our blog every week? You can check our weekly posts in our social media channels, but today we present you with a tool you can use to follow our blog and any other feeds you’re interested in, all in one place: Feedly. Feedly is a news aggregator, …

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Catalan and Spanish

Spanish Catalan

Our school is located in Barcelona, a great destination to study Spanish. However, if you are an expat living in Barcelona already, or if you’re moving soon, you should bear in mind that Spanish is not the only languagespoken in this area: there is Catalan, too.Catalan and Spanish are quite similar regarding vocabulary, so even …

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Quizlet: app para practicar español


Learning Spanish can be challenging and sometimes it’s complicated to keep it fun and engaging. There are many apps you can use to learn a language, but most of them follow a strict path and include a lot of language which is not actually used in daily conversations in Spanish. At Dime we believe technology …

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Why study Spanish online before moving?

Are you moving to Spain or to a Spanish speaking country in the future? We know it requires many arrangements but there is one thing your plan should definitely include: learning some Spanish before moving. Here’s why: When you arrive in Spain, you’ll probably be busy enough settling down. If Spanish won’t be a priority …

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3 tips to learn Spanish online

Studying Spanish online for the first time might be confusing, so we bring you 3 tips to make the most of your Spanish online course! 1.    Have your online learning setup ready. Before class, open a window with your favorite online Spanish dictionary to quickly look up words during class. Open another with a text …

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