Beginners Intensive Spanish course in December in Barcelona – 10% discount

Do you speak Spanish?

Next Tuesday, December 9th, we are going to start a new beginner Spanish course in Dime.

It is an Intensive course: 2 hours every day, Monday to Friday.


We start on Tuesday 9th because on Monday 8th the school will be closed because of a National holiday.

The course will be two weeks in December (from December 9th to December 19th) and two weeks in January after Xmas holidays (from January 12th to January 23rd). If you like the course, you can continue and attend fore more weeks.

Timetable: 11:30h to 13:30h

Price:  285€ per 4 weeks

Book: 20€

If you enroll from today until Sunday 7th you will have a 10% discount in the price of the course. The price of the course will be = 256€


Check our webpage for more information about us: www.dimebarcelona.com

If you are interested in the course, send us an e-mail to info@dimebarcelona.com


Spanish lessons in Barcelona

If you’re planning on spending a while in Barcelona and need to learn Spanish quickly, this course will be of interest. It’s the perfect combination of classroom hours with your own daily life. Attending Spanish class every day for two hours, you will create a dynamic with the language which will carry you along and you will soon be able to see results. For more information write to info@dimebarcelona.com or check our web site www.dimebarcelona.com

Also we have extra activities for free. Check here.


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  1. Tania escribió:


    Me gustaría tener una info más detallada, por ejemplo, soy nativa de habla hispana, pero mi nivel de inglés es muy básico, es para bilingües o podría cursarlo igualmente?

    1. dimebarcelona escribió:

      Hola Tania,

      Es un curso para aprender español y las clases son en español.

      Gracias por tu interés,


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