10 sentences to flirt in Spanish

Maybe are you new to Spanish, but Saint Valentine is close and you will need these useful sentences in order to flirt ;) )

Spanish love


1. ¿ Quieres tomar algo? [Kieres tomar algo]

Would  you like something to drink ?


2. Me encanta tu sonrisa

I love your smile


3. Me encanta estar contigo.

I love being with you.


4. ¿Tienes novia? ¿Tienes novio?

Do you have a girlfriend? Do you have a boyfriend?


5. ¿Quieres bailar?

Do you want to dance?


6. ¿Vamos a otro sitio?

Could we go to another place?


7. ¿Me das tu teléfono?

Could you give me your number?


8. ¿Tienes email?

Do you have an email?


9. Me gustas mucho.

I like you very much.


10. ¿ Me das un beso?

Will you kiss me?

Spanish kiss

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