How to follow the Dime blog

Did you know that we create content in our blog every week? You can check our weekly posts in our social media channels, but today we present you with a tool you can use to follow our blog and any other feeds you’re interested in, all in one place: Feedly.

Feedly is a news aggregator, it reds RSS feeds from sources you choose, and it displays the content in an organized way you can customize. It’s a free registration website and app, even though it also offers premium plans with advanced features. With the free version, you can follow up to 100 sources and organize them into 3 feeds.

You can check your Feedly account every day to see what’s new, or you can also install the Feedly Notifier extension in your browser for it to show notifications in the top bar when there’s something new for you to read (email notifications are premium).

Here’s how you can find and follow us through Feedly:

Here’s how to organize the content:

And this is what the notifications look like:

Don’t miss any of our posts about learning Spanish language and culture!

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