Propósitos de año nuevo

January is almost over, which means that some of you may have already set some new year’s resolutions for 2021. Spanish people do so too, usually on topics like sport, saving money or taking up a new hobby. Let’s see how we can express new year’s resolutions in Spanish!


Me gustaría + infinitivo

Is the equivalent to “I would like to”. Therefore, it expresses a wish, something we’re not sure is possible, but that we hope for.

Este año me gustaría visitar a mi hermana en Perú.
This year I’d like to visit my sister in Peru.

Me gustaría encontrar un trabajo en Madrid.
I’d like to find a job in Madrid.


Quiero + infinitivo

If you feel you have somewhat more control to make it possible, you could use the verb querer (to want), which shows clear determination towards the resolution.

Este año quiero aprender japonés.
This year I want to learn Japanese.

Quiero ahorrar para viajar a México en septiembre.
I want to save some money to travel to Mexico in September.


Voy a + infinitivo

This expression is the equivalent to “I’m going to”. So, it shows an even higher degree of determination, and it may imply that some arrangements have been made for it to happen, for example buying plane tickets or signing up at the gym.

Este año voy a hacer deporte 3 veces a la semana.
This year I’m going to exercise 3 times a week.

Este año voy a beber cerveza solo el fin de semana.
This year I’m going to drink beer only at weekends.


 So, what are your new year’s resolutions? Let us know in the comments, in Spanish!


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