Summer essentials in Spanish

Summer essentials in Spanish

Talking about the summer in Spanish, the following words have similar meanings but they’re not quite the same, so don’t let the heat wave confuse you!


(la) sombrilla – (el) paraguas

Similar shape, but used in different situations. Bring a “sombrilla” with you to the beach, stay close to it and you won’t get sunburnt. A “paraguas” will be more useful in rainy seasons, you won’t get soaked!

sombrilla - paraguas Spanish
sandalias - chanclas Spanish  

(las) sandalias – (las) chanclas

It’s all about summer footwear in Spanish. Keep those beautiful “sandalias” for a summer walk or dinner, or you’ll ruin them in the sand! Get some nice “chanclas” for the beach and the pool instead.


(la) tumbona – (la) hamaca

Have a relaxing summer laying down on them. Many people take a “tumbona” to the beach, it’s great if you like reading. Keep the “hamaca” for the campsite or your backyard, you’ll need to tie it to a tree or structure.

tumbona - hamaca Spanish
flotador - colchoneta Spanish  

(el) flotador – (la) colchoneta

Floats with different shapes. A “flotador” is generally doughnut-shaped and a “colchoneta” is traditionally rectangular, even though pizza, watermelon slice or crocodile “colchonetas” are very popular.


(el) granizado – (el) helado

Equally refreshing, you can get them in any “heladería” or “cafetería”. A “granizado” is more simple, made of crushed ice and usually fruit syrup, while “helado” is milk-based and available in countless different flavors.

granizado - helado Spanish

Enjoy your summer in Spanish!

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