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Nombre: Elsa Valbuena
Fecha de registro: 1 agosto, 2020
URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elsa-valbuena-miro/

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Propósitos de año nuevo

propósitos año nuevo

January is almost over, which means that some of you may have already set some new year’s resolutions for 2021. Spanish people do so too, usually on topics like sport, saving money or taking up a new hobby. Let’s see how we can express new year’s resolutions in Spanish!   Me gustaría + infinitivo Is …

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nochevieja feliz año nuevo

2020 is finally coming to an end and despite this year’s restrictions, the most representative elements of New Year’s celebration in Spain will be present tonight to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021. “Nochevieja” (New Year’s Eve) is usually a celebration with family and friends. It’s an occasion to dress up, and tradition says …

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Nochebuena y Navidad

Navidad Christmas Spain

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays in Spain, alongside Easter, and it marks the beginning of a two-week winter break. It’s a widespread tradition celebrated by both religious and non-religious families and, even though some aspects may vary throughout the country, here’s what most Spanish people do on those days: December 22nd: The national …

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Catalan and Spanish

Spanish Catalan

Our school is located in Barcelona, a great destination to study Spanish. However, if you are an expat living in Barcelona already, or if you’re moving soon, you should bear in mind that Spanish is not the only languagespoken in this area: there is Catalan, too.Catalan and Spanish are quite similar regarding vocabulary, so even …

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La diferencia entre bien, bueno y buen en español

Spanish bien, bueno, buen

Today we’ll be looking at three words in Spanish which look similar and students often use incorrectly. Particularly if you’re a native English speaker, you might have struggled with “bien, bueno and buen”.  Bien It’s an adverb, so it never changes its form. It can modify a verb (after it), an adjective (before it), or …

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