At DIME Spanish School, the most important person is YOU

All of us at DIME want you to fit in here in Barcelona: our courses are designed so that you will learn to communicate in Spanish from the very first day.

Dime ("dee-may"): in Spanish means tell me or talk to me. 

Because studying a language isn’t just about knowing rules, we’ve created courses to suit you. We offer a wide range of courses in Spanish, English and Catalan in Barcelona: super-intensive, intensive course, extensive, one-on-one classes, classes for companies, group classes, pronunciation and intonation classes, and classes for kids and teenagers. There are also courses for parents and babies. If you can't find a Spanish course to suit you, contact us and you can start your own group! 

The school itself is next to Plaza Lesseps between Gracia and Sant Gervasi, two of the most emblematic neighbourhoods of Barcelona.

Dime Spanish School is an open, welcoming  school where the most important person is the student. We take into account your needs, your style of learning and your daily life. Our classes are dynamic and fun - you will get to know the language in a pleasant and natural manner.

We place great importance on the daily use of Spanish and to that end we organise activities like culture classes, guided walks and excursions in and around Barcelona so you can practice your Spanish outside the classroom.  We want you to learn the language, but also that you feel at home in this city and in the culture of the country.

We are very enthusiastic about teaching our language, Spanish, so we decided to start a school in Barcelona. We are a well-prepared team with long experience in teaching. We enjoy our work and meeting people from all over the world.  We love teaching!


What people are saying about us:


Spanish in Tour


Don't know what to give your foreign boyfriend, your best friend, your Mum or Dad, your sister or your mother-in-law? May we suggest the Gift Of Spanish? Nothing less than a Spanish course here in Barcelona... the lucky recipient will learn to communicate in one of the world's most important languages, here in the best language school in Barcelona, and will always remember this highly original present! 

At DIME Spanish School, the most important person is YOU

Intensive Course

If you’re planning on spending some time in Barcelona and need to learn Spanish quickly, this course will be of interest. It’s the perfect combination of classroom hours with your own daily life.

Spanish lessons Saturday morning

New groups of Spanish lessons on Saturday.

Spanish lessons on Saturday to 10:00 til 13:00. Are you interested? More


Check some of our starting dates in 2019!


Every week we start new groups of different levels. You can join one of them or you can also join one of the courses already activated. Contact us to have more information.

Here you can find some of our starting dates:


Beginner A1 level and A2 level

Intensive beginner 9.30 -11:30 from 07/10/2019 

Intensive A2 11.30 -13:30 from 07/10/2019 

Intensive beginner 9.30 -11:30 from 04/11/2019 

Intensive A2 9.30 -11:30 from 04/11/2019 

Intensive beginner 9.30 -11:30 from 02/12/2019 


Extensive beginner on Monday and Wednesday 09.30-11.30 from 07/10/2019

Extensive beginner on Monday and Wednesday 19.00-21.00 from 07/10/2019 

Extensive A1 on Monday and Wednesday 11.30 to 13.30 from 01/10/2019 

Extensive beginner on Monday and Wednesday 19.00-21.00 from 04/11/2019 

Extensive beginner on Monday and Wednesday 09.30-11.30 from 04/11/2019 


Saturday beginner, A1 and A2 course 10:00-13:00 from  19/10/2019

Saturday beginner, A1 and A2 course 10:00-13:00 from  09/11/2019 


...and more courses (contact us!):

Levels A1+, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, Saturday morning, Intensive and Extensive courses, private lessons, pronunciation, DELE diplomas

Let's start studying Spanish!! 

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Contact us for further information

Calle Berna 5 - 7 bjs
08006 Barcelona
+34 93 217 8137

The Dime Reception is open from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Later visits are possible by agreement. 

Because we are a small school where the student is most important

Dime Barcelona

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