Activities in Barcelona

We organice various extra-curricular activities for your courses in Barcelona every month so you can get more "in-depth" knowledge about Spanish culture and the city in which you live.

We organice various excursions to neighbourhoods or places of interest in or around Barcelona: walks where you can discover the best plazas and hidden corners of this lovely city, classes outside the school to interact with people on the street, with shopkeepers, with all the everyday situations, culture classes where we explain aspects of Spanish culture that will interest you - like colloquial or "street" Spanish, Spanish music, history, tips for living in this country - and anything else that might occur to you.

What is happening this month?

What is happening this month? Here you have the activities of August 2015
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Curso de sevillanas para los alumnos

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Aquí tienes algunos ejemplos de las actividades que organizamos para los alumnos de español durante todo el año. 

Cine al aire libre



Curso de baile "Sevillana y Olé"

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Calle Berna 5 - 7 bjs
08006 Barcelona
+34 93 217 8137

The Dime Reception is open from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Later visits are possible by agreement. 

It’s been a great experience studying in Dime! My Spanish has improved while I was having fun in energy-filled classes. The atmosphere is very friendly; in class I felt as if I was in a Barcelona family.

Barak Kassar. Director General / Creative Director, Rassak Experience

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