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El otoño en español

It’s that time of the year again! Who’s loving this season so far? Let’s learn some vocabulary to talk about fall/autumn in Spanish. Download the infographic here    We have prepared some vocabulary exercises so that you can practice Spanish in a fun way. Click the button below to find them on Quizlet. Check out …

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¡Qué calor!

demasiado calor Spanish

Summers can be very hot in Spain, so in Spanish there are many expressions related to heat which are used on a daily basis during this time of the year. Some of them are based on the word “calor”. calor vs hot “Calor” is a noun and it literally means “heat”. Despite being a noun …

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Summer essentials in Spanish

Talking about the summer in Spanish, the following words have similar meanings but they’re not quite the same, so don’t let the heat wave confuse you!   (la) sombrilla – (el) paraguas Similar shape, but used in different situations. Bring a “sombrilla” with you to the beach, stay close to it and you won’t get …

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Travel: Spanish vocabulary

Spanish vocabulary and phrases for Spanish beginners and travelers. ¿Qué llevas en tu maleta? Essencial Spanish phrases Hola- Hello-Hi Sí- Yes No- No Por favor- Por favor Gracias- Thank you ¿Cómo te llamas?- What’s your name Me llamo Pat- My name is Pat Encantada/o- Nice to meet you ¿De dónde eres?- Where are you from? …

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Spanish vocabulary: la casa

Vocabulary about the house

Las partes de la casa:   *Ilustración de Pinterest ¿Conoces alguna parte más de la casa?…     Y un poquito de vocabulario. ¿En qué habitación debería estar cada palabra?        

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