Jorge Sánchez

Spanish Teacher and co-founder of Dime Barcelona

My name is Jorge and I was born in Badalona, just outside Barcelona. My great hobby is learning languages and so I love to teach mine. After graduating, I worked as a Spanish Teacher in Greece and there I learned that tearning a language is a lot easier if you feel good about where you are.  For me, a school should be a meeting place with a great environment conducive to quality learning.

Jorge Sánchez

The Team

We’re a well-coordinated, professionally prepared, highly motivated team. We really love our work and you can see this when you enter a classroom and feel the great atmosphere in our school. We’ve introduced ourselves below - come and see us!
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Laura Múrtula

Laura Múrtula Hi! I'm Laura. I've lived in Barcelona for many years but am originally from Alicante. After studying sociology in university, I decided to move to England. It was there I discovered that I really liked teaching. I was working with children and adults and ended up specialising in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. We started to think about founding our own school, and... here we are!
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Cristina Mola

Cristina Mola Hi! I’m Cristina, I’m from Italy and am the secretary of the school. I’ve lived here for years and find myself at home in this city. Barcelona is welcoming with friendly people. I recall with great fondness all those people who helped me settle in when I first arrived and now they are my family in Barcelona. Working in Dime allows me to continue this tradition with those who are undertaking the same adventure I did - to help them feel at home during their stay in Spain. We are waiting for you!!
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Contact us for further information

Calle Berna 5 - 7 bjs
08006 Barcelona
+34 93 217 8137

The Dime Reception is open from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Later visits are possible by agreement. 

Because we combine the latest commercial teaching materials with material created by us.

Dime Barcelona

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